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Become a Sponsor

Black Country Vipers and its Academy of Football evolved from the demand to introduce American Football into the Black Country. American football is Britain’s fastest growing sport and is currently being rolled out across many school curriculums. With the NFL bringing their games to London their ticket sales have rocketed and games are always a sell-out, with, this year, even clubs around the country not being able to get any tickets.


The Black Country Academy of American Football is an American Football Club that is dedicated to giving young people the opportunity to partake in a new and exciting sport here in the heart of the Black Country. In the last year we have established our club and have been able to offer organised participation in sport to over 50 young people, giving them access to several hours of physical exercise each week. As a club we strive to make the sport affordable to all who wish to take part and keep team subscriptions as low as possible.


In order to make sure every young person is able to take part we endeavour to raise funds throughout the year via fundraising events and sponsorship. We would like to ask you to consider becoming a team sponsor for 2018. As a sponsor you would receive positive media attention through your association with a youth sports organisation via print and social media. As a team we have a lively social media profile and would be pleased to link your compny via our sites. The team would also be available for any promotional events or photo opportunities.


Whilst any amount of assistance would be greatly appreciated, here are some suggested donations and how they would help our club:


* £250 would help cover subscriptions for an under privileged young person.

* £250 would help cover the cost game balls for a season.

* £300 would help cover the cost of Medics or Referees for a game

* £600 would help cover travel expenses to an away game.

* £3000 would buy a new team kit.

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